What is Globalex?

Globalex is a constellation of people who are involved, professionally or academically, with the making of dictionaries and other language resources. The initiative was launched at the eLex 2015 conference in England and includes representatives from all the existing continental associations of lexicography in Africa (Afrilex), Asia (Asialex), Australasia (Australex), Europe (Euralex) and North America (DSNA).

Globalex aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and cooperation among its members and with others concerned with language and language technology; promote the creation, research, exchange, dissemination, integration and usage of lexicographical resources and solutions; and enhance interoperability between academia and industry worldwide

Why Globalex?

Globalex was initiated in recognition of the fact that the challenges which lexicographers face are basically the same all over the world. Through coordination and collaboration between the various associations, and with the help of modern technologies, it is possible to facilitate knowledge sharing and provide access to resources for a much broader audience, to the mutual benefit of everyone with an interest in the field.

The core idea of Globalex is to work on lexicography in global contexts and bring together different segments that operate on their own, on a regional, topical or any other level.

How can Globalex promote knowledge sharing?

We aim to provide access to papers and articles from conferences and journals published by the different lexicography associations and their partners, using a single search field on the Globalex website. We will offer video recordings from ongoing and past congresses. And we will promote virtual communication for people who cannot attend a conference personally. These are just three of the possibilities that we started to explore.

Can I join Globalex?

No, Globalex is not an association with its own membership, conference or journal, but a framework for cooperation among existing associations and conferences. If you support the idea of Globalex, the best thing you can do is support the regional lexicographical association in your part of the world.

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