Lexicon is published once a year by Iwasaki Linguistic Circle in Tokyo, Japan, and includes articles on English (learner’s) dictionaries.
Here you can find scanned issues of the journal starting with No. 25 from 1995, both of each entire issue or of any specific article.

The initial digitization of the print copies of Lexicon was carried out by Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, from Ghent University, who has graciously provided it for online publication on the Globalex website. A new set of scanning of the Lexicon issues was done by Teja Goli, from Jozef Stefan Institute, as part of the ELEXIS project.

Lexicon 47 - 2017

Lexicon 45 - 2015

Lexicon 40 - 2010

Lexicon 32 - 2002

Lexicon 31 - 2001

Lexicon 30 -2000

Lexicon 29 -1999

Lexicon 27 - 1997